Hi, and welcome to our little social media history project, that allows us to have some fun during the upcoming RWC, and share some of stories that make up the community of rugby along the way.

Tim realised in 2013, that the students he was teaching (10 year olds) had no living memory of a losing All Black team – this project is a way of reminding/refreshing ourselves of those memories – not just of the ABs, but of all the many teams and players that have been part of the rugby world cup since 1987.

We both really love the stories and characters that make up rugby and the spirit of rugby. An event like the RWC is always about much more than what happens on the field, and so much more than the corporate nature of the event.

We love how those stories are shared by fans over a beer, around a bbq, on the bus, sitting at the beach, on the train waiting to get to Twickenham, or walking up to Eden Park. Those stories allow a connection that’s amazingly communal. We’ve had many a heated, but always respectful and enjoyable debate on our travels, about the merits of a player or the glory of a particular game.  

We’ll post these stories can be remembered alongside the actual event – letting people recall and remember – prompting discussion and debate.

We’ve setup a Twitter account (@RetroRWC) and an Instagram account to be the first port of call and this website for longer stories. 

We will collate stories and events from the previous seven RWCs and tweet them at the matching time/point in the tournament. It won’t be a date based recreation, but an event based one.

And we want to hear YOUR stories. We’re inviting contributors to share their stories, stats and any appropriate links. Please add your contributions, with links to media or people, with as much or as little detail as you wish, Hadyn and Tim will then tweet and manage the stories as we go through the RWC.

Keen to hear your thoughts, and appreciate your contributions.


@timoslimo and @hadyngreen  – retrorwc@gmail.com

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