Let’s get it started

One thing I’ll never forget from the 2011 World Cup is the Black Eyed Peas. Before the start of every game – EVERY GAME – the song Let’s Get It Started would play.

The song was released in 2009¬†yet the end of the cup it felt like it was a thousand years old. A friend of mine was the ground announcer for all of the games in Wellington. The faraway look in his eyes when I mentioned this song was testament to it’s mind-destroying abilities.

The same was true of Slice of Heaven and all the other “national” songs played when a team scored. We’ll find out soon which songs will be used to kick off the 2015 World Cup. Do not be shocked if it’s the Black Eyed Peas.

Contributed by Hadyn Green (@hadyngreen)

One thought on “Let’s get it started

  • September 18, 2015 at 3:16 am

    I lose count of how many times I “got it started” during that world cup.
    Every game. And prior to every game, when we were all the stadium, doing pregame prep, the showcaller from the Australia based event managers GBE, would play that bloody song, accompanied by a “knock ’em dead, team” announcement to the event staff at the stadium. Of course that was AFTER we’d played it three times in rehearsals. And of course the pre-rehearsals the day earlier. Then of course we would play it at least three times during the match itself.
    Even now, four years on, I cringe at the widespread thrashing of that track. My pick for RWC 2015? Hmmmmm being based in Englund, I’m thinking something by John Newman, Rudimental, and/or Adele. But don’t rule out Winehouse, the beatles, Oasis, or The Wurzels.

    In fact, I am almost certain that John Newman’s – Not giving in, will be given the GBE ultra-thrash treatment.


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