“… that’s my mate”

2007 Quarter-finals

England 12  – Australia 10

I’d been at the England v Aus game that afternoon (I’m Welsh) in Marseille and was on the ale in Avignon watching France beat New Zealand.

I made ‘friends’ with an Australian girl that evening that lived in the UK and made plans to go see her (so we could be um…. friendly again) at least once more.

Next day was Fiji v SA (I had tickets as I had hoped this was the QF that Wales would be in) and I put all such earthly distractions out of my head….quite far out of my head as it happens.

I get home and myself and the friendly Aussie girl exchange emails and she sends me a photo of her and I (and her mate) drunk as lords the evening we met, she is holding a bottle of wine and has a Green and Gold scarf round her neck.

So I email back to confirm my travel arrangements and comment that I hope she’ll have better dress sense when she comes to meet me as that scarf shouldn’t really been seen in decent company.

Her final email to me is to confirm she’ll see me at some pub at 7:30, she is looking forward to seeing me that night and by the way … ….

“… thats not me with the scarf on, that’s my mate….”

As it happens she saw the funny side and friended me to within an inch of my life that weekend.

Contributed by Adam Daniel

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