That night in the Pineapple Pub

2003 – Final

England 20 – Australia 17

Today has not been a good day if you’re an English rugby fan, but this story from my good mate Rich, harks back to a happier time. It’s also set in theĀ Pineapple Pub, North London. That’s the pub I began my stag weekend in, led by none other than the Martyn of the closing paragraph, who was my bestman … so it’s a story that’s more than a little close to my heart. – Tim

“I and all my (English) friends were gathered in the pub to watch the final, and for a change, it felt like a competition we could win, so there was an air of anticipation and excitement. My new Australian girlfriend of about 1 month (now wife of 8 years) had for some reason agreed to come and watch the game with us and duly turned up in her green and gold, I think 1 of only 2 openly Australian people in the pub.

The game was close, with points changing hands on both sides and either team capable of taking the win. But then, in extra time, with 26 seconds left to play, this happened…

The pub erupted but I always remember 2 people being in tears – my wife, because she’s a true, blue Aussie and my friend Martyn (not Australian), because he loves rugby a little bit too much.”

Contributed by Rich Pattison

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