“Four more years… “

2003 Semi-finals – Telstra Stadium

Australia 22 – All Blacks 10

A classic moment in a classic game.

Though actually it would be another eight.

This moment followed…

(you’ll need to skip forward to about 1’11” unless you like the Strayan anthem)

George Gregan.

I think his first name was actually Bloody or something a bit stronger beginning with ‘F’ and ending with ‘Arken’.

A thorn in our side for years, but one of the finest players to have graced the game.

The only redeeming feature of the this match was that they went on to lose the final.

At home.

By a drop goal.

Against England.

I think that would have been more humiliating than going out of their own tournament in the semi’s to us.

Contributed by Dom Gibbs